Keep your feet healthy

Wear sandals again without any embarrassment.

Wear sandals again without any embarrassment.

Care for your feet. Your skin and nails will love you for it.

Toenails can take 9-12 months to fully replace themselves. The toenail tonic works by penetrating down into the nail matrix where the new nail is forming. The toenail tonic inhibits the ability of fungus to continue to integrate into the new nail. The existing nail will not improve. As it grows out, trim it as you normally would. The new nail growth at the base of the nail plate should show improvement in 2-3 months depending on the rate of nail growth which varies for each individual.

Clinical trial results showed best outcomes with daily use and weekly filing of nail surface. For particularly difficult nail fungus, try twice daily application. Continue use until all the fungal nail has grown out.

If you have concerns about your feet do not hesitate to consult your health care provider. Let them know you would like to start using or have started using Bert & Bennett's toenail tonic on your nails.

For very thick fungal nails, a foot care nurse, podiatrist or professional beautician may first need to reduce thickness of nails. This will enable the toenail tonic to penetrate more effectively. Those with diabetes or compromised circulation should consult their health care provider before using product or receiving foot care.


Foot Care for Seniors

Caring for one’s own feet often becomes a problem for seniors. There are two major groups of people who really should be seeing a health care professional for foot care: those who can’t and those who shouldn’t care for their own feet. A podiatrist or a registered nurse trained in foot care becomes the ally. What was once just another self-care task, clipping toenails, becomes too difficult due to loss of dexterity or vision. Arthritis prevents bending or using nail clippers. It is especially challenging when toe nails have become thick or disfigured due to nail fungus, a problem that afflicts most of the clients nurses see in their foot clinics equipped with special tools.
The other group of seniors that really must have a health care professional care for their feet are diabetics and those on a blood thinner such as Coumadin or Plavix. Included in this group are those with edema, swelling of the legs and feet and anyone with neuropathy which can manifest as pain or loss of sensation.